Hi there! I'm Geneve!

I'm Geneve and I'm a family and wedding photographer. I live in beautiful Western Massachusetts with my family which includes a 16 year old hound dog mix. I never feel more alive than on the days that I get to capture photos. Photography has taught me to be a more observant and patient person. I've been taking photos professionally for about 13 years! At this point my camera is an extension of my mind and body. I'm a camera nerd so to speak. I get pretty excited about new technology and it amazes me that I have a camera that can practically take photos in the dark. As you can see I love the great outdoors and even when it's super cold. I was a dog walker for many years and that job really taught me to find the beauty in all the seasons. Can't wait to tell your story!

my process

I want any session to be stress free and fun. We’ll get a few photos of everyone looking at the camera but most of the time we’ll be spending our time together being carefree. Hiring a photographer today can be tricky and sometimes confusing, I get it. Sometimes words are thrown out in our industry (documentary, lifestyle, photojournalism, posed... oh my!) and it can be confusing for the client. My goal overall isn't to create moments but to document them. Why is that important some may ask? I feel your photos will be more genuine to your personalities with this approach. Some clients need some direction and I will do that in a subtle way and see what moments we achieve. For weddings the day goes by fast and I am there to capture it as it unfolds and I will never ask you do something again it is my job to catch it. Will I take photos of your friends and family in a group? Of course, I take great pride in taking those photos, they are an important part of your history. Will I spend two hours of your special day taking those photos while you miss out on chatting with your loved ones, nope. For family sessions there needs to be a little more direction. Let's go over here and let's throw some leaves, then let's go over here and jump on this bridge. Most parents that hire me are looking to capture their kids personalities whether they are shy or outgoing. The goal is to have fun and laugh!