Spring wedding in western MA.

I love blogging! I like a quick photo post on social media but overall for a photographer focusing on the moments of a wedding a few photos don't tell a great story. Tara and Jon's small wedding had such a cozy feeling like a family gathering after a long winter. There were lots of laughs, hugs and a hopping dance party to close the night. I've never photographed a wedding at the Delaney House which is connected to the D. Hotel and Spa so it's a perfect location for an all in one location wedding. They have their routine down there so the day of flow was perfection. Truthfully I've been shooting weddings since 2009 and it was maybe the first time I was served a dinner without asking so I can take a quick break to eat while the guests are because truthfully no one wants photos taken while their eating! Then I could jump right up and capture it all as the guests start dancing. Tara and Jon were so chill and I could tell they were really taking in the day being surrounded by so much love! Let's get to the photos!