Welcome to my new blog! I shined up my web site and now it's time to use the new blog with a post. This wedding is on my old blog but I wanted to start my new blog with this wedding because it was so such a beautiful wedding as we were all trying to navigate a world in a pandemic. Planning for couples has been quite tricky since safety measure have been back and forth. I had a bunch of shoots recently which I'd like to blog about and maybe I'll expand on my blogging with some advice or direction I'll be heading as we try to figure out these crazy times. My old blog will reside at https://blog.geneverege.com/ with over 10 years of blog posts! I still have couples find me from posts I did years ago so its great for my small business. Feel free to browse over there and if you're interested in having your wedding at this location definitely head over there for more information. Let's get to the photos!